Sa Kasunod ng 909

Sa Kasunod ng 909

The new edition of Sa Kasunod ng 909 is finally out in ebook format! Sa Kasunod ng 909 is the second book in my Trilohiya ng mga Bílang after Walong Diwata ng Pagkahulog. The novel also won the National Book Award in 2013 for Best Novel in a Philippine Language.

This revised edition comes with:

  • new art works
  • new book design
  • an added epilogue called “Sa Wakas: 910 Salita”

When you buy the ebook edition:

  • your name will be included in the acknowledgment page of the print version;
  • you will have a lifetime 20% discount on the print version (no matter how many copies you buy!);
  • you will get a chance to ask me a question about the novel (I will choose 10–15 questions that I will answer and also include as an appendix to the print version);
  • you will get a bonus PDF of “Minamahal ang Dinadala Natin sa Paglisan,” my Buwan sa Santinakpan feature this month that was also read in Episode 19 of my podcast Mga Teorya ng Pagkahulog; and, most importantly,
  • you are expressing your support for Santinakpan, which means that you are helping us to produce more quality books in the future and to provide work to young book designers, artists, and writers. (Click here to learn more about Santinakpan and to see our other books.)

You can get a copy of the ebook through any of the following:

  • by buying me a coffee via my ko-fi site (click here)
  • by ordering the ebook (in PDF & epub formats) for PHP150 via BPI, BDO, or Landbank account (email us: for account number details)

Thank you very much for your support!